Simple pleasures: cupcakes on a Sunday night

Fluffy frosting!

Having decided dessert would be a nice finishing touch for dinner, I whipped up red velvet cupcakes from a boxed mix Sunday afternoon.

I firmly believe in food’s power to bring people together, and the importance of sharing meals, so my culinary endeavors are motivated more by pleasing my family than by creating sophisticated or complex dishes.  I don’t find it necessary to always cook or bake from scratch — hence the mix.

But I like homemade frosting, so I did a quick Google search and found this recipe for Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting at Savory Sweet Life.  (I do have a copy of my mom’s buttercream frosting recipe but it calls for raw egg yolk and I can’t completely get comfortable with that, even though I ate it all the time growing up and nothing bad ever happened.)

I also decided to pull out my Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus for only the second time.  I tried using the Decorator Plus to ice  cookies over Christmas and ended up with nerve damage to my right thumb.  (The icing was way too thick to use the thumb lever on the Decorator, but I insisted on forcing it.  My thumb is still messed up.)

In contrast, using the Decorator Plus for cupcakes was easy, fun and did not involve pain.  The decorating job was “professional” looking by my standards, which just means it was a big improvement over my usual method – spreading frosting with a butter knife.

Food does not have to be complicated to be enjoyed.  There was plenty of happiness around the dinner table Sunday night, thanks to red velvet cupcakes from a mix, crowned with sweet, fluffy frosting.  No one even thought to ask for their pedigree.

2 Responses to “Simple pleasures: cupcakes on a Sunday night”
  1. You’re so right. Sometimes the simplest meals just can’t be beat.

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