Food Gift Baskets

Who wouldn't want beer and snacks as a gift?

Looking for a customized gift that’s almost sure to be appreciated?  Try creating a food gift basket.

Food gift baskets are versatile and can match any occasion (showers, weddings, birthdays, etc.).  For example, I created a baking-themed basket last year for my daughter’s travel softball fundraiser (each family was required to provide a basket to be raffled).

I started with a slick-looking Zak Design mixing bowl (orange to match her team color) and filled it with:

  • small cook books
  • silicone hot pad
  • kitchen towel
  • spatula
  • pure vanilla
  • sugar cookie-scented candle
  • gourmet sugar sprinkles
  • unique cookie cutters (since it was a softball fundraiser, I tied bat and glove cookie cutters to the orange bow that topped the basket)

This year, I opted for a heartier basket and went with a beer and snacks theme.  My husband and I picked out an assortment of craft brews (throwing in some Shiner Bock as a nod to my Texas heritage) and complemented this with an array of snacks, including:

  • Slim Jims
  • Chex Mix
  • nuts
  • summer sausage
  • Corn Nuts and a few other salty delights

I carefully arranged everything in a smallish beverage tub from Target (the only drawback with the beer — the finished basket weighed a ton).

We’ve used the food basket for personal gifts, as well.  Pondering what to get my in-laws last Christmas, I settled on a snack theme but packaged everything in a reusable lined Thermos tote (great for outings as well as transporting cold/frozen foods to and from the grocery store).  Besides salty snacks, we added some gourmet cookies and candy from a local specialty market, plus a McDonald’s gift card since they often stop there for coffee or breakfast.

The food theme works for kids’ birthday parties, too.  My daughter and I put together a movie/snacks gift that consisted of a large plastic bowl filled with microwave popcorn, boxes of movie candy, plastic movie popcorn containers we found in the Target dollar aisle and a movie rental gift card.

The possibilities are endless.  You can make it as general or personal as you like and fit any budget, be it economical or over-the-top.

Baking basket

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