The Dining Room – Not Just for Christmas Anymore

In anticipation of our upcoming kitchen remodel, we’re trying something new – dining in the dining room.  Our kitchen has an eating area, but with the redesign we’ll incorporate a working island into that space.  The island will have a counter overhang with two or three kitchen stools, but it won’t accommodate family meals. We … Continue reading

My First Cookbook – sometimes the daydreams are better than the dishes

As much as I love cooking, I think I love reading about the creation of dishes even more. Perusing recipes is a favorite pastime, although I can’t really explain why. I could spend hours at the kitchen table with a stack of cookbooks, newspaper food sections and cooking magazines (especially if you throw in a … Continue reading

Aargghh, matey – where be my salmagundi?!!

My husband and I recently returned from a Caribbean cruise.  Oddly enough, I’ve gone from never visiting the Caribbean to enjoying it twice in one year.  (I described my first visit in this post.)  We had a wonderful time, and now I’m hooked on the Caribbean AND cruising. Our second port of call during the … Continue reading