Penne with Gorgonzola Cream and Cranberries

This simple recipe blends Gorgonzola with dried cranberries and toasted pecans (or walnuts, if you prefer) for a standout supper that’s ready in less than 30 minutes. With such easy preparation, it’s a handy recipe to have at-the-ready for holiday meals or other social gatherings when you want to serve a delicious meal without spending … Continue reading

Pinner Dinner: Using Pinterest to Plan Meals

I have been on fire with Pinterest . . . in terms of finding recipes, that is. As alluded to previously, I’m obsessed with searching for recipe ideas via the online bulletin board. Instead of scanning a printed recipe to determine a meal’s appeal, I can make an almost instantaneous decision by looking at an … Continue reading

Penne Pasta and Sausage in Cream Sauce

Where I found the original recipe(s): Another find from the compilation cookbook my workplace put together some years ago. (I posted about New York Spaghetti Pie earlier  – also a contribution from this book.) What I thought: This is one of those dishes I kept thinking about long after dinner. In fact, before dinner was … Continue reading

Skillet Sizzle – Zucchini and Sausage Pasta

Where I found the original recipe(s): This recipe came to me from either my mother or my sister; I don’t remember which. But I’ve had it quite some time and make it frequently. It is a family favorite and kitchen staple. What I thought: What I like best about this dish are the unexpected taste … Continue reading

Hale and Hearty New York Spaghetti Pie

Where I found the original recipe(s): Compilation cookbooks (like the ones churches and service groups put together) are a favorite source for recipes. I figure people only submit the recipes they truly like, which usually makes them worth trying. This week, I turned to a cookbook my workplace put together 10 or so years ago. … Continue reading

Elegant but Easy . . . Artichoke Ravioli

  Where I found the original recipe(s): What I thought: While the combination of flavors lends a sophisticated touch to this dish, preparation couldn’t be simpler.  You can have it on the table in less than 30 minutes. What I’d change: The original recipe called for 2 (9-oz.) packages of ravioli; my grocery store … Continue reading