Granny’s Salmon Croquettes

Salmon croquettes dunked in ketchup with a side of hot, buttered rice were my all-time favorite meal growing up.   Luckily for me, my mom made them frequently using the simple but tasty recipe HER mother followed when my mom was growing up. Our weather was unseasonably warm the other day and the windows were open … Continue reading

Enjoying Shrimp and Creamy Spinach Feta Rice – thanks to Miss Arkansas Rice (and my mom)!

Last week’s new recipe came from Miss Arkansas Rice (via an article forwarded to me by my parents, who live in Arkansas). Sponsored by the Arkansas Rice Council, Arkansas Farm Bureau and the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, the purpose of the Miss Arkansas Rice program is to “encourage interest in rice cookery and rice promotion … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Dinners: Thai Shrimp and Tailgate Sandwiches

I tried two new recipes this week, both from the August & September 2011 Taste of Home magazine.  My collected recipes fall into one of two categories: those that please adult palates – meaning I will make them for myself and husband when the children aren’t around, and those that are universally appealing – meaning … Continue reading

Baked Spicy Shrimp. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Article first published as Baked Spicy Shrimp on Blogcritics. Baked Spicy Shrimp is, without question, my favorite shrimp recipe. Its beauty lies in its flexibility and simplicity. It performs equally well in various roles: Artfully arranged on a platter with tiny skewers, it’s an elegant hot hors d’oeuvre. Served atop a bed of fluffy, fragrant rice, it’s an enticing … Continue reading

Creamy Alfredo Sauce with Garlic Shrimp

Article first published as Creamy Alfredo Sauce with Garlic Shrimp on Blogcritics. Creamy Alfredo Pasta is one of my all-time favorite meals. However, it’s best enjoyed as an occasional treat – for reasons that are apparent when you view the ingredient list! Regardless, when I want a “special” meal, this is usually my dish. Not only is … Continue reading

Spicy Shrimp

Article first published as Spicy Shrimp on Blogcritics. Where I found the recipe(s): Every Wednesday, I can’t wait to pull apart the two newspapers I subscribe to and dig into the week’s food sections. I carefully scan the pages and make a mental list of intriguing offerings. Those that make the list get clipped and added to … Continue reading

Easy Crab Cakes

Article first published as Easy Crab Cakes on Blogcritics. Where I found the original recipe(s): I fill binders with recipes I gather from all sorts of places: clipped from newspapers, pulled from magazine pages, printed from the Internet and sometimes just scribbled on scraps of paper. About a year ago, I pulled some pages with appetizer … Continue reading

Onion Baked Fish Fillets and Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Sauce

Where I found the recipe(s): I found the fish recipe while perusing a cookbook I picked up some time ago during a visit to Texas (where I’m originally from). The Texas Experience: Friendship & Food Texas Style is a compilation cookbook from The Richardson Woman’s Club. I stumbled upon the brussels sprouts recipe online a … Continue reading

Lent begins March 9 – Try Fish Tacos this Year

  UXR7HKFECX35 Where I found the original recipe(s): Fish tacos – February 17, 2010 issue of the Akron Beacon Journal I often clip recipes from newspapers and magazines and may not get around to trying them right away. That’s what happened with this recipe that appeared in the Beacon Journal about a year ago. Homemade … Continue reading