Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner: Apricot Chicken Breasts and Almond Rice Pilaf

Article first published as Apricot Chicken Breasts and Almond Rice Pilaf on Blogcritics. I flipped open The Texas Experience: Friendship & Food Texas Style and landed on the page with this recipe for Apricot Chicken Breasts. It looked simple enough to prepare (one of my criteria for weeknight meals) so I added it to the week’s menu. The … Continue reading

Schnitzel au Gratin and Warm Potato Salad

Article first published as Schnitzel au Gratin and Warm Potato Salad on Blogcritics. Of pork, chicken or beef, pork is undoubtedly my favorite meat.  Chicken is versatile, but has no flavor unless you doctor it up.  And beef is certainly flavorful, but the nuances among various cuts are too subtle for my taste. And then there’s pork. … Continue reading

Lemon-Sage Chicken and Foul Moudammus

Article first published as Lemon-Sage Chicken and Foul Moudammus on Blogcritics. Where I found the recipe(s): The Lemon-Sage Chicken recipe came from the April & May 2011 issue of Taste of Home magazine. The Foul Moudammus (foul is pronounced “fool”) recipe came from the March 30, 2011, food section of the Akron Beacon Journal. What I thought: … Continue reading

Sugared Asparagus

Article first published as Sugared Asparagus on Blogcritics. I found the recipe(s): We’ve got a great, locally-owned grocery chain in my area called Buehler’s.  In 1999, Buehler’s put together a 70th anniversary employee cookbook – “The Best Of” Buehler’s Employee Cookbook. As I’ve mentioned before, I love compilation cookbooks because home cooks usually submit their favorite recipes … Continue reading

Onion Baked Fish Fillets and Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Sauce

Where I found the recipe(s): I found the fish recipe while perusing a cookbook I picked up some time ago during a visit to Texas (where I’m originally from). The Texas Experience: Friendship & Food Texas Style is a compilation cookbook from The Richardson Woman’s Club. I stumbled upon the brussels sprouts recipe online a … Continue reading

Perfect for Spring – Roast Parmesan Asparagus

Where I found the original recipe(s): This recipe was shared in a cooking class I attended a number of years ago at my local grocery store (at the time, the store regularly brought in guest chefs for demonstration and hands-on cooking classes). What I thought: Prior to this dish, my only experience with asparagus was … Continue reading