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  • Giveaway from KarenCooking – Hutzler Garlic Slicer/Shredder

    KarenCooking giveaway badge

    In celebration of several springtime milestones (and because I’m currently unable to cook and blog about it due to the kitchen remodel), I’m offering a giveaway! During the past few months I’ve: reached my one-year blogging anniversary. joined Pinterest to find and share recipes and food ideas. launched the KarenCooking Facebook page. I’m giving away a … Continue reading

    7 x 7 Link Award

    Although I have been plugging away at my blog for a while now, I admit I sometimes must push myself to keep going.  So when a fellow blogger recently nominated me for a blog award, it was a welcome surprise. Although I am a bit belated in doing so, I am happily accepting the 7 … Continue reading


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