Lemon-Sage Chicken and Foul Moudammus

Article first published as Lemon-Sage Chicken and Foul Moudammus on Blogcritics. Where I found the recipe(s): The Lemon-Sage Chicken recipe came from the April & May 2011 issue of Taste of Home magazine. The Foul Moudammus (foul is pronounced “fool”) recipe came from the March 30, 2011, food section of the Akron Beacon Journal. What I thought: … Continue reading

Penne Pasta and Sausage in Cream Sauce

Where I found the original recipe(s): Another find from the compilation cookbook my workplace put together some years ago. (I posted about New York Spaghetti Pie earlier  – also a contribution from this book.) What I thought: This is one of those dishes I kept thinking about long after dinner. In fact, before dinner was … Continue reading